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Mads Wighus (Tenor)


Mads is from Norway and has two masters degrees in classical singing and opera from Oslo Academy of the Arts. After his graduation he was in the Young Artist Program of the National Opera of Norway, and has frequented the casting lists there ever since. In addition he has performed on all the main district stages in Norway. In recent years Mads has transitioned from baritone into the tenor repertoire. As a baritone he has done parts like Papageno, Escamillo, Zurga, Malatesta, Falke and Marcello and more.


In 2021 Mads did his debut as Rodolfo in Sweden with great reviews and public praise. In the same year he did his debut as Pinkerton in The Opera Fest Lisboa, where he was called the "Pavarotti of the north" in the press. 


Mads has recieved several prices and scholarships for his singing, the Talent Price (2009) from the friends of the Norwegian Opera being one of them.


He is an active concert singer and does a broad mix of genres, from pop and crossover to church music and lieder recitals. He also expresses his art visually through paintings. 

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