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Art Paintings

Mads Wighus - the painter

In recent years Mads has taken up art painting as a serious endeavor to share his artistic expression. His style and technique has developed quickly and he has had several exhibitions in Norway, Sweden and Portugal. 


The Garage paintings

This is the most substantial part of Mads's work, as he spends free time at home in his garage, which also acts as his art studio. Reoccurring  birds is a common symbol.


The Hero Project

Mads has a soft spot for the heroes of his life. A series og portraits is also a theme of his art. Diego Armando Maradona


Opera Paintings

One of the trademarks of his art is that he paints on tour, whenever he is involved in an opera project, he also paints and exhibits works. 



Mads also develops NFT's of his work for peolple who are interested in investing.


The Hero project

The cultured scream - Luciano Pavarotti

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